Industry Forum: Jan, 2009. Probir Ghosh’s residence, 546 S Brandon Court, Superior, CO 80027

        Organizers: Divyesh Patel, Parag Shah, Dr. Rajan Kapur, Gyan Saxena, Bipin Agarwal, Abhay Kale, Prof. Dhinakar Kompala, Probir Ghosh.

2:40 -3.10 pm: Networking & Socializing: Grab a drink & snacks. Please be seated by 3.05 pm.


3.10 - 3:15 pm: Introduction by Gyan Saxena, President of IIT Alumni Colorado Chapter.


3.15 - 4.00 pm: Panel I: Sustainable Energy: Global Energy Overview

Probir Ghosh: Probir is deeply and passionately involved with Sustainable Energy Initiatives and is an enabler. His ability to analyze large volumes of disparate data to get the big picture and distill it down to the cascading cause and effect that needs to be prioritized and addressed has been widely recognized. In this presentation he will lead us through a series of cause and effects that starts with global energy and environment issues and boil it down to how it impacts us and what we can do to turn it into an opportunity for Colorado, US and the world.

View presentation: "Setting a Comprehensive Vision & Stretch Goals for USA to Regain Global Leadership in Sustainable Energy Initiatives"

Panel discussion moderated by Probir Ghosh, President, CEO & Enabler. 25 minutes.


From L to R:

Bob Noun: NREL. Executive Director, External Affairs. During the past 25 years at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Bob has shaped the way renewable energy and energy efficient technologies are seen and understood by the public, elected officials and other stakeholders. With a realistic and technically sound vision of the potential of renewable energy, Noun has built strategic national and international relationships key to NREL's success. View presentation.

Matt Baker: One of the 3 Commissioners of Public Utilities Commission. Architect of Amendment 37 that entices regulated utilities to generate 20% of energy from renewable clean energy sources by 2020, making Colorado one of the leading States in the USA for Sustainable Renewable Energy based Initiatives. Matt is a forward thinker and is instrumental in forging collaboration between public and private sectors. View presentation.

Prof. Anu Ramaswami: UCD. Anu has received substantial grants from the FED on Sustainable Energy Lifecycle Management. She & her students are working with Colorado communities & India today. View presentation.

Teddi Davis: Xcel, Director Customer Choice & Renewables Marketing. Teddi has deep knowledge of the renewable energy markets and helps Xcel and its customers initiate renewable energy projects.

Probir Ghosh: CEO, president & Enabler,VSNI.

4.00 - 4.45 pm: Panel 2: Solar Energy Initiatives & Solar Panel Installs: Everything you need to know.

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Rajan Kapur, Larenkelo Inc.

From L to R:

Prof. W.S. Sampath: AVA Solar, Professor of CSU whose invention led to CSU licensing rights to AVA Solar that can revolutionize and accelerate Solar Panel installs around the world. His team is the only team to receive the prestigious DOE 3rd stage grant that paved the way for private funding exceeding $130M. They will start their first commercial production in a 200MW capacity factory by April 2009.

Dr. Rajan Kapur: CEO, Larenkelo Inc. Inventing micro invertors to help increase reliability and effectiveness of Solar Panels. View presentation.

Ashutosh Mishra: SVP Ascent Solar. Ashutosh has deep Solar industry knowledge and travels globally, most recently to Japan and Europe, to create new markets and application development for unique plastic based Teflon coated CIGs thin film Solar rolls that can be shaped in any way or form. Ascent Solar has used technologies adapted from spacecraft design; their unique design opens up new markets in building, transportation designs. View presentation.


4.45 – 5.00 pm: Break. Networking and Appetizers. Carl Lawrence, CEO of Hybrids-Plus Inc will present a hybrid-plus car for everyone to view and will demonstrate how it works.



5.00 -5.40 pm: Panel 3: Hybrid Plug in cars & other alternatives to fossil oil.

Panel discussion moderated by Mike Simpson, RMI.

From L to R:

Prof. Bryan Willson: Bryan been deeply involved with many different renewable energy initiatives. Some of his work has significantly improved the quality of life for rural and poor Indian families.

Carl Lawrence: CEO, Hybrid Plus Inc conversion. Carl has been dedicated to alternative fuel conversion for more than two decades, the thirty-six 16th street Mall Buses were designed and built by him and today he is one of the first few to build plug-in cars that run over 100 miles per gallon - a fascinating story… View presentation.

Mike Simpson: RMI. RMI has a team of experts working on each specific area of Sustainable Energy Initiative and has a long and storied history. Mike is an expert in Alternative Fuels for Transportation and Hybrid technologies. View presentation.



5.40 - 6.20 pm: Panel 4: Energy Efficiency & Conservation Opportunities Big & Small.

Panel discussion moderated by Ravi Malhotra CEO, ICAST.

From L to R:

Ravi Malhotra: CEO ICAST. ICAST is an organization deeply involved with Renewable Energy initiatives that help the rural projects in USA and India.  View presentation.

Andrew Myers: RedHawk Investments. Andrew and CEO, Bipin Agarwal (co-founder of Tanning Corp), are promoting 20 Minute Lifestyle especially designed self contained communities that not only helps improve quality of life but creates significant energy savings and conservation. View presentation.

Prof. Brajendra Mishra: Colorado School of Mines. Brajen has done significant work with materials for solar and buildings that improve efficiencies and save energy. View presentation.

Teddi Davis: Teddi will discuss how smart grid, that is being tested in Boulder, will help save energy.  


6.20 -7.00 pm Panel 5: Clean Energy technologies developed at EECL, Solix, and Envirofit; with particular emphasis on applications in India and South Asia.

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Girish Srinivas.

From L to R:

Prof. Dhinakar Kompala:  CU is deeply involved with Biotechnology and has deep knowledge in specific areas of Biofuels.

Prof. Bryan Willson: Bryan is the Director of the Clean Energy Supercluster at Colorado State University; Founder and Director of the Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL) at CSU; Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CSU; Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Solix Biofuels; and Co-founder and Board member of Envirofit International.  Solix is a company focused on the development of production systems for algae-based biofuels.  Envirofit is a non-profit corporation established to disseminate clean technology in the developing world, and has won global recognition like the prestigious Rolex award. View presentation.

Dr. Girish Srinivas: TDA is a focused fundamental and applied research firm that works closely with NREL and DOE on Renewable Energy based products and services.

Dr. Ram Ramaswami: Senior Exec with ERM. Ram’s specialization is in environmental remedies where he has 25+ years of experience. He is associated with many professional environmental affiliations. He also teaches at UCD.


 7.00 -8.00 pm: Vote of thanks to all participants. Dinner & breakout sessions.