1.  Promoting & Enabling Sustainable Renewable Energy Initiatives.

Vision: Enabling massive scale Sustainable Renewable Energy for our world will generate the next long term growth engine creating economic prosperity & big job opportunities while curing climate change for our future generations to enjoy and thrive.  


  • Promoting the acceleration of grassroots movements, leveraging the many Sustainable Renewable Initiatives already started in Colorado.
  • Networking to bring together disparate public and private sector groups to set & achieve vision and stretch goals that will make sustainable renewable energy the next economic engine of growth; bringing prosperity and jobs to Colorado & USA.
  • Specializing in identifying promising niche companies to partner with after conducting a rigorous, structured and proprietary in-depth due diligence in the renewable emerging markets arena.
      •                  NEWSFLASH !

        The 1st grassroots working session received an over-whelming response and was well-attended by several of Colorado's industry leaders in Renewable Energy.

        Click here to see details. Visit us in the future for follow-on sessions.


2.  IT Services: Business-oriented IT Strategy & Delivery executive consulting.

3.  BioTech Research Contracting and Advisory Services.